As director of senior housing for the Calida Group in Las Vegas, Thomas Jurbala leads the development and acquisition of assisted living communities, memory care centers, and skilled nursing facilities. His portfolio includes such projects as Wenatchee Senior Living, located in Washington, and Horizon Ridge Rehabilitation Center, located in Nevada. Thomas Jurbala maintains a particular interest in designing affordable care centers with high-end designs.

An accomplished developer, Mr. Jurbala has also guided hospitality and residential projects. His recent efforts in this capacity include the South Bay Villas Lauglin, a 48-condo complex, and Calistoga Mesquite, a development comprising close to 50 single-family homes.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, he is an avid ice hockey player who participates in four 35-and-older AB-level leagues. He also travels to Hawaii each April to play ice hockey, and he enjoys taking weekend trips to locations in the Midwest and western United States to watch football games. An international traveler as well, he has visited Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. However, his favorite vacation spot is North Shore, Oahu.